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Avatar: The Last Airbender boasts a wide variety of characters. No matter what type of person you liked, you would likely find them in Avatar. And one of the most well-known characters in the show, besides Aang himself, is likely Katara, the waterbender from the Southern Pole Water Tribe. She mastered waterbending within a year and was instrumental in taking down Azula, one of the most powerful firebenders in the series. Say what you will about Katara, the girl has guts! I personally rather like Katara. She proves to be a great source of strength to her friends, her people, and even the world.

ShinyEevee Apr 1, O poor aang that's i hope it isn't real like this XD. LauntnerWolves Dec 12, She is REALLY PREGNANT!

weebie Dec 12, nickknack Oct 12, I thought it was cute. I love the expressions you have on Aangs face. and im sorry for some people beig rude. Its what you wanted to do you had the guts to put your drawing on here. Kudos hun.

Two big ships were Zutara and Kataang. Many people thought Katara and Zuko should get together, while others were dead set on Katara and Aang becoming an item. It was quite a big deal. Eventually, Katara and Aang do get together but did you know the writers

weebie Oct 1, thank you. people with fetish get misunderstood by those who do not have one. Amy Jul 26, Your art is horrible, Plus you are using characters from Avatar:The last airbender.

You just ruin all of the good impressions that people gathered while watching the anime itself, And you make katara look like a slut, Stripping like that. And your art of drawing breasts on your gallery?!

avatarlover87 Jun 29, What are you talking about?

Walking all over the world on her own she'd be very lean, even more so than before. Less fat means smaller boobs:) Source: Am grill. Share. Report Save. level 1. The Morning is Evil. 6 years ago. factors: Outfit, Lighting, Clothes (I know lighting is mostly a scene to scene factor, but book one's lighting overall was different then the other books) 2. Share. Report Save. level 1 Category:Katara images | Avatar Wiki | Fandom. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Only the Avatar can bring balance. 1, Pages. Add new page. Latest news. Suki, Alone Toph Beifong's Metalbending Academy Katara and the Pirate's Silver The Shadow of Katara: look at how big they are *they're slightly bigger than the picture* did you want to feel them?

This one the best drawings I have ever seen. You, my friend, have no taste in art. Letlet Nov 27, gees you need to learn some manners weebie's art is awesome. you may have an opinion but you don't have to be so rude. MondayNinja Sep 24, Hey,thats REALLOY rude,she might tell you she doesent care,but she might be really hurt! You need to look at her in the eye and apolagize. I know you have an opinion,BUT YOU DONT HAVE TO BE MEAN ABOUT IT! And I dont care if you say you dont have to apologize,BUT YOU ACTUALLY DO!

You need to learn some manners and be nice to this person,because she might have worked really hard on this! Amy Sep 24, She said that she doesn't care. If she said that, then I don't have to apolagise. But you would be a better person if you did. Amy Sep 25, At least, reading and writing-wise.

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Follow us Facebook Twitter instagram youtube. Search Search for: Search. Patrons About Writing for us FAQ Comment Policy. On YouTube: I do not understand Cantonese so here is a translation from The Dark Side : Ng ga chingyou ap bastard! ????: Legendary advertisement [viral advertising]. ????: Advertisement!! ????: The horror of modern women. You can get Katara, Iroh, Zuko, and many more. These little LEGO figures are actually really cute, and they look quite a bit like their characters.

A woman's vagina is a sex organ as well as part of the birth canal. Just as women can have different sized breasts, hands, and feet, the size and depth of vaginas can also vary *Katara does a couple of hand gestures and 2 balls of water appear* see? Katara had a pleasant smile on her face, she figured that would be his reaction. She placed a hand on the curve of her back to support the new weight of her womb. Even she found it unbelievable that she had grown so much within a week's time. She had grown at least 5 ins out. Although this pregnancy was probably considered irregular, Katara was not frightened by it. Katara was too wrapped

Most people only meet one version in their lifetime. In fact, Katara has had quite a few interactions with multiple versions of the Avatar.

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It does make sense since Katara is the most spiritual out of the group, besides Aang. She has also trained not one but two Avatars: Aang, and later Korra. Just think about that. Katara helped train not one, but two Avatars, the most powerful people in the world.

That is seriously impressive! Bloodbenders are seriously scary people. By bending the water in the body, they can control your body to do whatever they want. The first time Katara actually came across bloodbending was when she was with Hama, the water bender who was living in the Fire Nation.

In a fight, the deranged water bender started bloodbending Katara in order to control her. So far, Katara is the only person who has managed to break free from a bloodbender of their own free will.

Katara big boobies

It was his defining feature for a long time, and the memory of it and what it symbolized haunted Zuko for years after he received it. But the first person to actually touch his scar in the series was Katara. When both are sent down to the dungeons in Ba Sing Se, they begin to talk and understand each other a little better. Jet was the epitome of the cool character. You could tell that at first glance, Katara was definitely attracted to him, and the feeling was mutual.

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While it was never shown on screen, the creators confirmed that the two had actually kissed. For that brief period of time, the two were definitely involved romantically. This is the character that may be supporting or opposing the main character, depending on the story. And according to the creators of Avatar: The Last AirbenderKatara is the deuteragonist in this series.

This makes sense.

No matter what, Katara is there to help and protect. She makes a fantastic deuteragonist in my opinion. The crazy thing is those skets are pretty much what her final look ended up being. Look at what you can do under pressure! Most of the names in Avatar: The Last Airbender have a meaning to them.

The idea of waterbending is following the motions of pull and push. Her waterbending is literally written in her identity. But did you know that Katara had the longest list of love interests? There were Aang and Jet of course, and she did kiss both of them. But there was also Zuko, who she may have been interested in, at least until his betrayal, and while nothing happened, there was also Haru from the Earth Kingdom.

That makes about four love interests total. The original benders were how the humans learned how to bend the elements. The airbenders learned from the sky bison, the earth benders learned from the badgermoles, and the firebenders learned from the dragons.

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According to Katara herself, waterbenders learned from the moon as it pulled on the tides. All of the other original sources are animals. I wonder why that is? Maybe there were animals that could waterbend, but the waterbenders just found inspiration from the moon. Throughout the show, we see all types of people bending the four elements in various and rather creative ways.

But there had to be a starting point in the series. And it all started with Katara.

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The first episode opens up with Katara trying to help Sokka fish by bending the water. Granted, her bending at that point was amateurish at best, but she was still doing it. Home Lists Avatar: The Last Airbender: 20 Surprising Facts About Katara. By Heather Moon Published Nov 08, Share Share Tweet Email 0.

Via: matereya. com, amourinette. Via: artstation. com Aneli AM.

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