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Kick ass big daddy

His weapon of choice was a customized Colt M handgun. He is also seen briefly using a customized M16 to shoot a gangster through the head in issue 5. On the cover of issue 4, he is seen with a blood splattered chainsaw, though he is never seen using it in the series itself. He also may have carried improvised smoke bombs, but once again, he is never seen using them in the series.

In the recent adaptation of the comic, Big Daddy was played by Nicolas Cage. He wears a Batman-like costume with Kevlar reinforcement and is highly skilled with all manner of weaponry. In combat, he uses A Beretta 92 handgun, a collection of combat knives, and several hand grenades.

He also acts similar to the Adam West Batman, with the same speech patterns. It should be noted that this version of Big Daddy has an origin similar to the comics, and unexpectedly, it turned out to be true.

Kick Ass - Big Daddy Death Scene Welcome to JustTheClips YouTube channel and thank you for watching! This is my passion and so I hope you enjoy and wan Soundtrack for Bigdaddy from Kick Ass', also this is a theme song from movie 28 weeks later Damon Macready was a former police officer, the father of Mindy Macready, and was the crime-fighting superhero Big Daddy. He was a prominent character in Kick-Ass. He is recognized as the first legitimate real-life superhero in the Kick-ass universe

There was a slight change with the addition of Marcus Williamsa fellow cop from his days in the NYPD. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for:.

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I do not own the rights the video - for fair use- this is in the part of the movie where kick ass is betrayed the mother f*cker so mother f**ker can get big Big Daddy convinced Kick-Ass to abandon his previous anti-killing ethics if he was going to ally with him against the mob. However, they were betrayed by Kick-Ass 's friend, Red Mist, who turned Issu du score de Kick Ass co-compose par John Murphy, Henry Jackman et Marius de Vries

Navigation Character Wiki Images 7 Forum 2 News Recommended reading Comics Related Pages Friends Enemies Teams Movies. Big Daddy appears in 16 issues View all. Origin Damon McCready was an accountant living a boring and repetitive life with a wife who hated him and a daughter whom he rished.

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Creation Big Daddy was created by Mark Millarhis first appearance was in Kick-Ass 4. Story Arcs Kick Ass Big Daddy trained his daughter as the ultimate killing-machine and both of them kept messing with Johnny G's business. Hit Girl Though Big Daddy is dead, Hit Girl still has dreams and flashbacks to when he taught her to escape handcuffs under water and other such fond memories.

Powers, Abilities, and Weapons He wore an improvised combat suit and a trench-coat while fighting crime.

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KickAss BigDaddy Scene

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Float Left Float Right. Cancel Insert. Go to Link Unlink Change. Funding his crusade by selling comics and looting his victims, he has been training his daughter Hit-Girl to become a lethal vigilante.

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He himself is quite adept at handling firearms though most of the missions shown to the reader are mainly accomplished by Hit-Girl, with Big Daddy providing armed support as a sniper. It is revealed that he and his daughter have been living on the run for years under many false identities.

Big Daddy is a primary character in the first Kick-Ass comic book story. What makes him a villain, is his backstory about being a former cop whose wife was killed by criminals is false, and that he practically kidnapped Mindy to train her to be an assassin

Mobster John Genovese was furious that his organization was being targeted and so he arranged for his son to become Red Mist, seemingly another superhero. They planned a double cross that led to Big Daddy's death, although Hit-Girl avenged him and, along with Kick-Ass, took down the organization. Comics Big Daddy Eddie Lomas John Genovese Chris Genovese Mother Russia Fuck-Knuckle Luigi Death Faces Vic Gigante Skull and Bones Ralphie Genovese Don Rocco Genovese.

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Comics fan Nicolas Cage turned to the '60s television version of Batman for inspiration as he crafted his portrayal of Big Daddy in the movie Kick-Ass. Big Daddy, the secret identity of ex-cop Damon Macready, dons a DIY costume that looks a lot like a certain caped crusader before going out on his vigilante runs. Tool up honey bunny In the film adaptation, Big Daddy is played by Nicolas Cage. His full name is given as Damon MacCready and he wears a different costume, described in the dialogue as resembling Batman's outfit. He is also shown to be as effective as Hit-Girl, brutally accomplishing at least one notable mission by himself KickAss BigDaddy SceneMusic: John Murphy - In the house, In a heartbeat

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