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When people think of the last night of the Monday Night Wars, they typically think of the outdoor Nitro in Panama City, Florida that ended with Sting vs. Ric Flair and a simulcast featuring both Vince and Shane McMahon. And yes, according to kayfabe, that would be the the last episode of the Monday Night Wars, as in story line, Vince planned to officially purchase WCW in a ceremony at Wrestlemania 17, only for Shane McMahon to swoop in and steal the company out from under him. In reality, though, Vince had already bought the company by the time the episode aired, meaning that the last episode of Nitro produced by WCW as a rival company to the WWF took place, in fact, one week earlier. In fact, Tony was chuckling so uncontrollably that he forgot to declare that night the greatest in the history of our sport.

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But, I must have wiped all memory of this story-line from my mind, because it is awful, and I had zero memory of it until I saw this induction. I remember this whole stupid angle infuriating me for some reason.

It was just that stupid and pointless.

I do sort of wonder where they would have gone from there not just with this, but with WCW in general if they still had a TV deal. I like it when Wrestlecrap surprises me with inductions like this.

It was the same with Brakus. I miss the last days of WCW. It was total Wrestlecrap, but it was entertaining Wrestlecrap at that.

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Instead, Dustin refused, because the former cross-dresser had a little something called pride. How did the senior Rhodes get dragged into this mess? Through the always entertaining wrestling tradition of impersonation. In this case, the American Dream was impersonated not just by Jarrett, but later by Flair, until the real Dream showed up to clean house and challenge the Nature Boy and the Nature Boy wannabe to a match at the first-ever and last-ever WCW Greed pay-per-view.

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He should have been more concerned about those third-degree burns on his face. Come pay-per-view time, it was nothing but gas jokes by Dusty and the announcers. Or maybe they just had a brain fart.

Kiss My Irish Ass

Amidst all the talk of flatulence, this little factoid managed to squeak by: this was the first time that Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes had ever wrestled each other on pay-per-view. Do you think that if WCW had known that going into this pay-per-view, they would have kept the butt-kissing stipulation, or would they have opted instead for a Viagra-on-a-pole match?

As a result, Big Naitch had to wrestle in the kind of Hawaiian shirt that people his age typically wore on retirement cruises.

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Throughout the match, Tony and Scott discussed the best strategy for taking on Dusty, such as beating the gas out of him ahead of time just in case you did end up having to plant one on his derriere. As the match wore on, the announcers became more and more sure that only the two men involved in the decision would partake in the ceremonial ass-smooching.

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After the Rhodes clan thwarted an attempted stereo figure-four leglock, Dustin got the pin on Flair. Instead, Dustin Rhodes, whose ass Ric was in fact contractually obligated to kiss, came to ringside to introduce his daddy.

Kiss My Bitter Ass: This was one of my favorites at the RAF, and I enjoyed it with one of the brewers, who just happened to walk by as I sampled it. Looked like a cask beer should look, off yellow, not much head. The aroma was excellent, rich/flowery/fruity Kiss My Ass Lyrics: Yeah, motherfuckin Kool Keith / I'm doin this motherfucker / I'mma get in this motherfucker / I'm worser than chocolate Ex-Lax kid / I'll blow out your asshole / On some Mt. Helen Della Reese's brilliantly delivered with perfect comedic timing and inflection, Kiss My Entire Ass, clip

Flair went apoplectic. Instead, Naitch looked like he was going to puke, especially after Dusty made another fart joke about having fed his donkey burritos. A burro eating burritos?

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More Crap Like The Crap You Just Read. Someone Bought This: WCW Nitro and WWF Attitude colognes What better way to cover up the stink of your dying wrestling promotion than with. Induction: Ahmed Johnson's trunks - Tony Norris gets a bum w rap.

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Written by Art0Donnell A wrestling fan ever since the days of Wrestlemania IX, Art graduated from college in the same building where Art Donovan called King of the Ring He also runs the "How Much Does This Guy Weigh? Follow him on Twitter Art0Donnell.

?Note: This page may contain content that is offensive or inappropriate for some readers. kiss my ass! 1. A rude exclamation of contempt, disregard, or general disrespect. Kiss my ass, Jerry! You couldn't do a better job fixing this truck if your life depended on it! Some guy tried hitting on me at the bar, so I told him to kiss my ass, and I walked off

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The latest tweets from @KiSS_MY_ASS_47 Barley's Kiss My Bitter Ass IPA is a IPA - American style beer brewed by Smokehouse Brewing Co. in Columbus, OH. Score: n/a with 6 ratings and reviews. Last ate: Starrcade '84 never made it to pay-per-view, but WCW's own "Kiss My Ass" match did. Since WCW would be bought out the following week, the night's bout would also be the last time Flair and Rhodes would ever wrestle each other on PPV

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