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By Yoonjung Seo , CNN. ated GMT HKT March 28, CNN One girl wrote the word slave above her genitals. Another was made to bark like a dog while naked. Dozens of young women in South Korea were allegedly forced into sexual slavery on an encrypted messaging app By Yoonjung Seo , CNN ated GMT HKT March 28, The screen capture image shows Cho's alleged notice board including the entry price for one of his chat rooms, , Korean Won apprx. Cho Joo-bin, a year-old man, hosted online rooms on encrypted messaging app Telegram, where users paid to see young girls perform demeaning sexual acts carried out under coercion, according to South Korean police.

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As many as 74 victims were blackmailed by Cho into uploading images onto the group chats, some of the users paid for access, police said.

Officials suspect there are aboutparticipants across Cho's chat rooms.

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At least 16 of the girls were minors, according to officials. On March 20, the authorities announced that Cho had been arrested on charges including producing and distributing child pornography, sexual abuse, blackmail, coercion, fraud, illegal distribution of private information, and sexual assault through illegal filming but he has not been indicted.

Cho Joo-bin, who allegedly ran an online sexual blackmail ring, walks out of a police station as he is transferred to a prosecutor's office in Seoul, South Korea, on March Read More.

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For South Koreans, the case has become a lightning rod for a nation grappling with widespread sexual abuse and accusations of pervasive misogyny, after a series of scandals involving the secret or forced taping of women in recent years.

On Monday, President Moon Jae-in responded to the rising anger, calling for police to investigate all members of the chat groups, not just Cho. Currently, people connected to the chat groups have been arrested, and 18 have been detained. But for many South Koreans, an investigation is not enough.

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Over four million people have signed two petitions demanding the heaviest of punishments for the arrested operator and calling for the names and faces of all involved to be released. Cho, who has only appeared once since his arrest, gave a statement on March 25, at the Jongno Police Station in Seoul before being transferred to the prosecutors' office.

Cho's lawyers quit on March 25 according to the law firm and authorities.

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The law firm told CNN that the reason for this decision was because information they received from Cho's family when they accepted the case was very different from the facts.

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It was two university journalism students who brought Cho to the attention of the police last July, officials confirmed to CNN. The duo, who asked to use the pseudonyms Kwon and Ahn to protect their own safety, discovered the chat groups, which were hosted on the encrypted Telegram messaging app, in the summer ofas part of an assignment to investigate online sexual crimes. Though the chat groups were private, links to them were easily found by simply using keyword sears on Google.

When Kwon first saw the chat rooms, she said she "couldn't believe the scenes and messages unfolding before her eyes.

Kwon and Ahn show a chat room set up to monitor Cho Joo-bin's activities on Telegram. There were many operators running similar chats on Telegram, but Kwon and Ahn focused on Cho, who went by the alias of "Guru" and ran at least eight groups, some of which had over 9, members at any one time.

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Cho allegedly sourced his victims by posting fake modeling jobs online, police said. Young women would submit their personal information, including their social security numbers and addresses, so they could get paid, along with photographs.

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Once hired, they would allegedly be asked to provide more revealing pictures. Police believe these were then used to blackmail the young women - Cho allegedly threatened to post them on the internet with their personal details if the girls did not work in his Telegram chat rooms, police said. The screen capture image shows various Telegram chat rooms allegedly operated by Cho. Cho allegedly ran free-of-charge chats, which offered the chance to pay to upgrade to more premium groups, where they could make increasingly demanding requests of the girls.

Each Telegram group had about three to five girls to one chat room Guru called as 'slaves,' who would be online and ready to take requests for pictures and videos of them performing acts, which they captured on their own cameras, from both paid-members and the operator, according to Kwon and Ahn.

While the encrypted nature of Telegram has proven itself to be a tool for resistance against authoritarian regimes around the world, the anonymity of the platform allows the chat room participants to be able to remain anonymous.

CNN has read out to Telegram for response but has not heard back. David Cho, who co-founded the Soko Glam Korean beauty website with his wife Charlotte, said male cosmetics has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

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Just as "metrosexual" now sounds like an antiquated term for a man who appreciates grooming and fashion, Cho said, it could be a matter of time before the male makeup movement goes outside Asia.

The trends in Korea are defying heteronormative expectations in a society sometimes viewed as socially conservative and where traditional gender roles often prevail.

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Military service is mandatory for men, and K-beauty is so much a part of the culture that designer camouflage is available to servicemen seeking a gentler product, possibly with skin-tightening properties. Park, scrolling through his phone, recited the names of some popular brands of Army camouflage: "Dandy Guy Perfect Camo Cream," he said.

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At cosmetics shops around Seoul, men's sections feature posters of male models with alabaster skin, shaped eyebrows, and what looks like more than just a dab of lipstick. Male idols include the year-old actor Won Bin, described by the news culture website Korean Expose as "boyishly handsome," and the year-old actor Song Joong-ki, who reportedly attributes his fair complexion to washing his face with milk every night. As well, the four something singers in the boy band SHINee are known for wearing eye makeup.

The de rigueur look in South Korea, literally translated as a "dewy" glow, has long been associated with femininity. But a pretty-boy esthetic popularized by K-pop idols is helping to fuel the Getty A girl uses a smartphone to take a photo in central Pyongyang in In an NK News report in , Ji Min Kang wrote: In North Korea, sex is restricted and its pleasures are enjoyed by a Korean Boy and Girl Participate in Cultural Celebration. Children in colorful traditional Korean head coverings and outfits participate in the festive Korean. Asian Child with Large Bubbles. The focus is on the large mass of bubbles in this adorable portrait of a multiracial Korean boy. Seoul/South Korea - April colorful mural, street art quote in South Korea, Will you become my

On a visit to Seoul last month, male grooming commentator David Yi, founder of the Very Good Light men's beauty website, said he saw multiple Army servicemen carrying cushion compacts - BB cream in compact form - on the metro. He said South Korea's ethnic homogeneity might have bred a hyper-competitive culture in which "your skin, your appearance can give you a leg up.

Job applicants are usually expected to submit headshots with their resumes in a country that's known as the plastic-surgery capital of the world.

A report by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery estimated that surgeons performed around 20 procedures per 1, people in the Korean population. Walk through the fashionable Gangnam neighbourhood of Seoul and it's likely you'll see people walking in and out of the district's many plastic-surgery clinics with bandaged noses, eyes and chins.

Western "macho" ideals aren't as conventionally beautiful to many South Koreans, he said.

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In Seoul, skin-perfecting BB cream is so ubiquitous that many men don't even consider it makeup. In fact, Medina revealed, "I'm wearing BB cream right now. A mixture of BB cream and almond cream.

After I started shaping my eyebrows and ended up putting makeup on and stuff when I go out to clubs, it's completely different. It's ridiculous, really, the attention I'll get from girls.

The YouTube star's co-host and business partner, Xander, who was also at the clinic, quoted a line from the film American Beauty to explain the trend: "In order to be successful, one must project an image of success.

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Matt Kwong was the Washington-based correspondent for CBC News. He previously reported for CBC News as an online journalist in New York and Toronto. Pseudonyms will no longer be permitted.

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