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A Bucks County, Pennsylvania woman has been arrested after police say she helped two preteens get drunk and filmed them having foreplay that included the licking of pancake syrup off the boy's st. Tina Mousley, a year-old mother from Lower Southampton Township, was taken into custody Wednesday and charged with Corruption of Minors, a felony, as well as a misdemeanor, police said. The alleged incident took place on May 2 in Mousley's home along the block of Clayton Avenue. According to a police affidavit, Mousley bought alcohol for a year-old girl and a year-old boy. She could be heard on a video - taken by the girl - asking the boy whether he took his ADHD pill with a beer, the document stated.

I should have noticed how stone cold she was and took the hint. I started flirting with the bar tender.

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Then another girl started really hitting on me. The bar tender seemed really into me, but this other girl had a good sized rack, one of the bigger ones I had seen in South East Asia. As a boob man I had to change targets.

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It was clear that this girl was a prostitute, but I had shored probably five girls in my life before that point knowingly and I was up for the challenge with this girl.

Shoring is making a prostitute like you so she will want to have sex with you and not ask you to pay. She ended up finally biting and I took her back to my hotel for the bang without much effort. Her boobs were nice, but not as nice as I had originally expected.

However, this girls stories were very interesting. He had spent tons of time with her for a month, before finally growing tired of her. It was kind of a sad story as she had developed feelings for him in that time. She may have been a Cambodian hooker,but she was a cool girl with an interesting life story. I felt good, I had turned a shitty night into a pretty good one.

I did my usual day thing of exploring the city. When traveling alone I get bored easily, so it motivates me to go out into the city to meet new people. I went into a bar area and saw some prostitutes playing pool.

I came over and asked if I could join. I ordered a beer and just started teasing and joking with the girls, I was just enjoying my time. They were not particularly pretty, but honestly I was just in a social mood and wanted to talk. They bought me my next round of beer and as always I graciously accepted. My teasings were reciprocated and two of the girls started really flirting with me. As I played against them, they started getting more and more sexual.

Showing peaks of their nipples as I was concentrating. These two girls really liked me and it was obvious. The shores I had done up to that point had only been with girls that had an innocent look and were usually only 18 to 20 years old. It was a cool experience because I had never had two girls throw sex at me so easily, let alone accept that one would fuck me, then the other.

Cambodia was an interesting place. I spent the rest of the day exploring and making new Cambodian friends. I returned to that same bar area with the pool area that night, but those girls were nowhere to be found. I sat at a bar and ordered a beer.

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I did the usual flirting with the waitress thing which they are paid to do in places like that until I noticed a thin girl with a cute face. She came over to me and just smiled. Then she started trying to communicate.

She was a deaf girl. She communicated with her hands and expressions. I took out my phone and tried to get her to write. But wow did she try.

The bar tender seemed really into me, but this other girl had a good sized rack, one of the bigger ones I had seen in South East Asia. As a boob man I had to change targets. It was clear that this girl was a prostitute, but I had shored probably five girls in my life before that point (knowingly) and I was up for the challenge with this girl After what seemed an eternity we were brought together and the immigration asshole started reading what I thought to be some rights but were marriage regulations and showed us a tattered photocopy dating back to One hears rumours of Westerners who have fun with girls in Laos experiencing problems so I am not altogether surprised at Then read my guide on meeting Laos girls and Cambodian women. This is not a religious or status thing, it is simply assumed they have more to say to one another. At a more formal event or even a picnic, it is customary for the men to dine first because they are perceived to be the busier of the two sexes

She was actually good at using her hands to convey ideas. During all this her enthusiasm was contagious. Just a happy go lucky girl who seemed as happy as can be even though she was in a bad situation. I met her in a bar, so it was clear that this girl was a hooker, but I was going to go for it.

My second shore in a row and my first deaf girls, should I go for it? Uh yeah.

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I did my best to convey to her that I would not pay her for sex. It seemed like she understood, but it was hard to know for sure.

Asiandating was by far the best, it seemed like there weren't many girls on the other sites and girls weren't as serious about meeting. All the girls I met on my trip to Cambodia were from asian dating. For night game I suggest you stay close to heart of darkness. I made the mistake of staying in a different area of the city to start out Beautiful girl fishing - Girls Catch fish - How To catch fish Laos Laos is a small country, but it has a great potentials. The women avoid any kind of plastic surgery and rely on natural beauty, which gives them a better natural aesthetic charm. Also their pure personality works as a great element to make them more attractive

I took her hand and led her back to my hotel and she joined me happily. When we were in my room, she jumped into the shower. I got into bed and five minutes later she came out in a towel and climbed into bed with me. N0 lmr. This girl was just happy to be with me, a big smile on her cute face. Sex was good that night and the next morning I braced myself with problems if she were to ask me for money.

She never did.

According to a police affidavit, Mousley bought alcohol for a year-old girl and a year-old boy. She could be heard on a video - taken by the girl - asking the boy whether he took his what does that mean she was aroused by sitting on me or does it mean she phissed her self shes 8 years old do ya think a girl that small could get aroused by sitting in a guys lap.i didnt do it by perpose shes very close to me and we are very good friends and shes always sat in my lap since she was or 4 yrs old and now shes 8 and suddenly 1 day i noticed my pants a little wet uwhworlds2020.com

She only communicated that she wanted to see me again. She had such a difficult life, but she was always so happy.

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I admired her for it. I ended up seeing her a few more times.

Great memories. Thoughts of the difficulties in the lives of Cambodian girls entered my mind. Which made me think back to the girl from day 2 with the magical smile. I had to see her again. To read about my entire trip, a trip that was unbelievable in every sense of the word, read my book. Click here to get it.

It is pages of South East Asian adventure; filled with sex, adventure, my story and how I funded my 4 and a half month trip without having any money. Stories from Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. Available in and EPUB formats so you can read on your PC, phone and tablet. Skip to content. Home Blog All posts Travel stories Seduction Lifestyle Everything else E-books Consult Forum Menu.

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Travel Stories.

by 20Nation. Phnom Penh. Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Share on email. Sexy beautiful Cambodian girls. Day 2: Cambodian Girls with Magical Smiles The next day I woke up and started exploring the city and doing all the research so I would know if somebody was taking me to a shady part of town or where they said they were taking me.

Nude Photos NSFW NSFW pictures CLICK HERE. Popular posts. Travel Stories The Easiest Country in the World to Fuck Girls Hands Down. Women Best Boobs By Country. After that I went alone by slow boat to Thailand and she returned home. I promised her I would come back. By the way, I had a whole year off, so time was no problem. Somewhat to her astonishment, partly due to the fact that her niece had told her that falang are nothing but no-good liars and aters, I turned up one morning on her doorstep unannounced six weeks later, after having toured Chiang Mai and Myanmar.

I wanted to travel to the South of Laos and back into Thailand. We got her a passport, a visa and off we went. Does it strike anyone as odd that people here need two visas for travelling, the first from their government to be able to leave your own country? We travelled all around Laos and Thailand and had a great time.

Afterwards I went on south overland to Bali, Australia and South America. But that's another story and another website. I returned a bit early from South America and went back to LOS and Vientiane in April Again we had a good time and I told her I was thinking of settling down in Thailand or Laos. I was fed up with my job back home and thought about taking up a teaching career. I thought about it hard, and yes I have an English degree and teaching experience with adults and not for English thoughbut still haven't decided, the money has not run out yet.

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To cut this long and possibly boring story short, I went back to Laos in August of this year with the thought of marrying and possibly buying some property. We were thinking of buying or building a small house and looked around everywhere for land btw, a decent piece of land on the outskirts of the capital can be had for aboutbaht, a new 8?10 house for aboutbaht - very ap compared to Western Europe.

And yes, like in Thailand falang cannot own property in Laos. I have the following advice probably valid for Thailand as well as Laos :. She also bought the marriage documents to fill out which we started doing. It turned out you need a hell of a lot of documents but I was prepared as I had done some internet research and a lot of patience many papers have to be approved by some ministry first. I told her to take care of everything, not really wanting to pay a middleman some US dollars to speed things up.

We had time. Everything was plain sailing until last week. Some village people no, not funnily dressed queers and a copper from the office of the head of the village Vientiane is divided into a lot of small entities called ban or villages came by our apartment to see who was living there.

My girlfriend was out getting a license plate for the bike. I told them everything they wanted to know. They wanted to have a look and told me everything was OK. They would come back later that day to have a chat with my girlfriend.

Nobody came. Until the day before yesterday, when someone started bouncing on the door at It turned out to be some of the same people, accompanied by a dozen militiamen with rifles patrolling outside.

Apparently the building was being raided.

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They asked for passports and ID cards, lease contract, and the marriage papers. Of course these weren't ready to roll yet. Asked questions about the neighbours too, people we didn't know. They took my passport with them yes, they gave me a receipt and told us we had to stop by the head of the village office the next morning.

They wanted us to come right away, but my girlfriend managed to avoid that. The next morning we were separately but in sight of one another interrogated by an immigration officer. He asked just about everything concerning my visits and trips to Laos what dates, what border, which guesthouse, which cities etc. I tried to recall everything as best as I could, but wasn't really pleased with his behavior.

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He wrote everything down on a piece of paper. He also wanted to know every detail about my girlfriend. At one point I was thinking maybe they wanted to know if I was a good partner, and then I thought they were suspecting her of being a working girl.

After what seemed an eternity we were brought together and the immigration asshole started reading what I thought to be some rights but were marriage regulations and showed us a tattered photocopy dating back to The only thing I could make out were the numbers - As we were living together - according to him illegally the fact that we had already purchased the marriage forms didn't matter one bit - we would be fined, the fine ranging from to US dollars still beats me who decides and what the decision would be based upon.

I told him in other words he was a perverted son of a bitch.

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Why didn't they tell me during their first visit we couldn't stay together? It was all a scam to me. I know why now, it was the smell of money. He wanted to fine me US dollars!

We got into some haggling as if I was buying a shirt in Chatuchak! about the importance of the fine.

Laos girls asshole

It went like this:. being blacklisted.

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Not paying at all would probably have meant being deported on the spot and blacklisted. I didn't enjoy the thought of that and didn't want to burn all my bridges yet.

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Was is for real or just bluff? That's anybody's guess, but what can one do in a situation like this where they seized your most valuable asset, being your passport? Consulting my embassy was no option, as there is none in Vientiane. I told my girlfriend to get some advice from her mother.

Lao Girls - by uwhworlds2020.com

She also went to the head of the village where she lived before. Her mother, sister, brother-in-law and the landlady came with us that afternoon to plead not guilty, but of course all to no avail. I got legally robbed of USD, probably a year's salary for most of the not-so-nice and quite disrespectful people working in the shitty office.

They probably thought it was okay to steal a falang's hard earned money that way. Now where does that leave us? Nothing has changed between my girlfriend and me. We still love each other very much.

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