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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. You can temporarily switch back to a Classic Literotica experience during our ongoing public Beta testing. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Hayden wasn't sure it was her. The woman walking toward him in the crowded airport arrival lounge didn't look like the mother he remembered, or the one in the few pictures he'd kept hidden from his father over the years.

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The penultimate WrestleMom! I knew it would be risky, and that it might seem a little strange for her son to buy her such a small swim suit. But from the moment I saw it in the store I was fixated on the idea of seeing her in it.

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I knew she would look askance at it and at me, so I'd rehearsed what to say when she saw it for the first time. I felt bad about you thinking that you were old, or not attractive. Mom, you are still very young, and you can act like it.

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I think you should get out there and start dating. And dress and act like the beautiful woman you are. Besides, you can get a better tan in a swimsuit this size. I hoped I was sounding convincing. Mom seemed a little skeptical as she held up the bikini and scanned the red fabric.

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I appreciate the vote of confidence. Maybe I'll try it out here at home and see what I think before wearing it out in public. Her firm breasts mashed against my st as we embraced, and my dick stiffened. You're a very thoughtful son.

Life long dream fulfilled when he has her. Friend preys on hot mom. Bride's sexy mom seduces the groomsman. Sexy mom teases son. Boy uses his new found sexual expertise on his mother. Boy is torn between his longtime girlfriend and her sexy mom. and other exciting erotic stories at! Mom, you are still very young, and you can act like it. I think you should get out there and start dating. And dress and act like the beautiful woman you are. Besides, you can get a better tan in a swimsuit this size." I hoped I was sounding convincing. Mom seemed a little skeptical as she held up the bikini and scanned the red fabric Standing under the hot water streaming over my body a few minutes later, I couldn't stop thinking about my mom in the kitn, in her skimpy outfit and pert, erect nipples visible under the old shirt. I had never thought of my mom this way before, but now I couldn't stop. Mom was hot. I couldn't deny it

You did a great job. Now I hope I can pull off wearing these clothes you bought. They are skimpy. She gestured at the running shorts and top lying next to her on the sofa. You want to wear something light and comfortable. It's functional. And you'll look great. Don't worry about it. I had had an idea for what I wanted to do next in the evening, but I made it sound like an idea that had just come to me.

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You can see if you like how you look, and if it looks good you can use some photos for your online dating profile? Her face showed she was skeptical. I wasn't sure if it was because of uncertainty about how it would look on her or because of discomfort with posing for me. And I could use some photos like that for the portfolio I need for my photography class at school. Then you can look at them and see if you like them.

I was in my photographer mode now, and I knew how to direct her. I recalled mom's readiness to follow my posing directions the previous night on the sofa and knew that once I got her going she would be more comfortable and responsive in posing for me.

I'll get my camera and straighten up the room and get it ready for the photos. With that instruction, I went to my room and she went to hers, the little running outfit clutd in one hand. I had a fairly good DSLR camera back in my room that I'd bought on an employee discount from the Best Deal store where I worked. I fetd it.

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Although it was night time, I left the flash behind. The living room was well lit and I wanted to work just with the ambient light. The light was good, I thought. There was enough overhead light to ensure the photos wouldn't be too grainy, and the light from the candles and lamps would provide some interesting side lighting. I adjusted the settings of the camera. Then I picked up the birthday packaging and set it aside so it wouldn't spoil the photos.

I heard soft footsteps on the floor and looked up and saw mom. She was wearing the little running outfit. Mom looked a little tentative, a little nervous.

But she didn't need to. She looked like a fitness goddess - lean and sculpted but with skin that still was soft and supple. The shorts sat low on her waist and high on her thighs, accentuating long, shapely legs and a toned and defined torso.

The bra top was more substantial and provided more coverage than a normal bra would, but it still revealed a fair amount of cleavage, and the effect of the firm, compressive material was to push her boobs up and together, accentuating the depth of the groove between them.

Mom's dark blond hair flowed over her bare shoulders and down her back. We've got good light, too. Though she looked amazing, mom seemed timid. She held her hands, cld together, in front of her tummy. She acted like she didn't know where to go or what to do. I knew mom was feeling exposed and uncomfortable and that I had to do what I could to boost her confidence.

Now come over here, and I'll take some photos of you on the sofa. Mom walked over to the sofa, still holding her hands together in front of her, and sat down on the sofa. Cock your head to the side just a little.

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Not that much. Yes, that's right. Following my instructions seemed to give mom heart. She sat up straight and looked directly at me.

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I took a few photos of her in that position. Then I got another idea.

Literotica hot mom

I walked over to the dining room and pulled a long stem red rose from the vase and walked back and handed it to her. I'll take a few shots. Mom was getting more comfortable. I was giving her easy poses to do, and her smile lit up with the brilliant red rose in her hand. She didn't have to pose; she was just sitting straight up, smiling into the camera lens. The rose added an appropriate romantic touch to the scene. Now turn to the side a little, not quite 45 degrees.

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That's it. Shoulders back. I was getting into it. It was fun taking charge of a photoshoot, even a strictly amateur one like this. It was doubly fun being able to tell my mom what to do and having her do it all, promptly and without reservation or hesitation. The first few poses I had her strike were completely innocent, but it was impossible to avoid noticing how sexy mom looked in the short shorts and bra top. The mounds of her breasts strained against the tight-fitting bra.

I wanted to set the camera to the side and just stare at her. But, of course, I couldn't do that. I kept up a steady patter of instructions and small talk to put her at ease and pose her, and to distract myself from the way mom's hot body was making me feel.

Then I decided to ramp up the sexiness of the shoot a little. I had mom lie back on the sofa, head against the pillow, arms bent and over her, one hand crossing over the other through the blond waves of her hair. I had her extend one leg in front of her not fully straight, of courseand bend the other leg. Mom knew without coaching to point her toes, and I even noticed those for the first time in my life. I have my share of fetishes - I'm a guy - but feet had never done anything for me.

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But now, there was just something about mom's feet - the curve of the instep, the thin ankles, the perfectly proportioned and - it appeared - freshly painted toenails. I imagined my lips around one of those toes, spreading over it and taking it fully in my mouth and swirling my tongue around it.

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And as soon as I thought it I did everything I could to purge the thought. I had more photographs to take, and I didn't want to give away the rising temperature of my feelings for mom in that moment. Lying back on the sofa, mom pushed her st out an inch or two - she really was getting the hang of posing with minimal instructions - and looked squarely into the lens.

She turned her face down just slightly, looking up at me through thick eyelashes, and she let her lips part without smiling. It was a seductive look, no doubt about it. I didn't think mom meant anything by it, but the look seduced me, anyway.

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I took my time over that pose, and took several shots. I had to try hard not to show her how I was letting her words sink in. Put your back against the wall, and your hands down and against the wall, and now move your hips away, and bend your legs.

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Get up on the balls of your feet, bend one leg slightly across the other, and point a toe. I kept running through the instructions quickly, in part because I thought if I slowed down mom might start wondering whether she really wanted to strike such a sexy pose for her son's camera.

It seemed to work because mom had no objection, and she gave me another sexy, slightly opened mouth expression, as before. The outfit was perfect for her, and she looked perfect in it. Sculpted but feminine, lean and curvy, sporty and graceful: she was all these things in one. She seemed to be enjoying herself as well.

She took instructions easily and even improvised on my directions, adding gestures and poses. I remember him taking a lot of photos.

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She seemed to like thinking about them, and I wondered how dad had posed her. I was getting hard again. Now I had another thing on my cklist. I wanted to see the photos dad had taken of mom - even the ones I wasn't meant to see. Mom paused a few seconds before taking up the pose.

Mom turned her butt toward me, her feet apart and her torso twisted part-way to the left so she could hold the back of the chair and look because over her shoulder at me.

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