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Matt and Kim sometimes stylized MATT and KIM are an American indie electronic duo from Brooklyn , New York. The duo started performing together in , and have released 6 studio albums. Matt Johnson is originally from Whitingham , Vermont , while Kim Schifino is originally from Providence , Rhode Island. Schifino studied illustration and graduated in , while Johnson studied film and graduated in Neither had extensive experience with their instruments prior to this. Despite their inexperience, they were urged to play live shows by fellow Pratt alumni from the band Japanther. Adam Moerder of Pitchfork referred to the duo as the "quintessential 'party' band" in a review of their self-titled debut album.

The band performed at Coalla as a main stage highlight in April During their stint at Coalla inthe band recorded a four-song EP titled WE WERE THE WEIRDOS between performances.

The duo took much of off after Schifino suffered an ACL injury [4] during a performance in Mexico. The single was the band's first new song since the release of the We Were The Weirdos EP two years prior. The release was to coincide with a 2-month North American tour.

On March 2,they released the third single, "Happy if You're Happy", and put the album up for pre-order. The fourth single, "Glad I Tried", which features Kevin Ray of Walk the MoonTravis Hawley of Night Riotsand Santigol was released on April 1, In Junethey laund " The Matt and Kim Podcast " series, regularly presenting hypothetical situations and how they might react.

Over Summerwhile performing at Maha Festival in Omaha, NE, Schifino again tore her ACL, but this time less severely. With dedicated physical therapy, they were able to complete an already planned and on-sale extensive US tour during October and November celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their breakthrough second album GRAND.

They performed the album in its entirety, adding periodical multimedia documenting the actual recording process. Some of the dates offered the audience an opportunity to participate in the aforementioned Matt and Kim Podcast, recording episodes as part of early admission at those respective shows. Fall also saw the release of two new singles, " GO GO " and " Money. Matt directed " GO GO ," which featured dancers Audrey Lane-Partlow and Romeo Blancowith an end cameo from Kim.

For " Money ," the band and FADER Label donated the entire video fund to the Animal Hope And Wellness Foundation in Sherman Oaks, CA, where the clip was shot. Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino are a romantic couple.

They are not married.

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Matt and Kim's music has often been described as dance-pop with pop-punk and hip-hop influences. ClubJohnson even noted, "We considered what made the Matt and Kim sound to be our mutual love for pop-punk and hip-hop, breaking down the beat and melodies the way hip-hop does, and adding in the energy and poppiness of pop-punk. Their live shows have achieved a great deal of recognition for their high-energy, "riotous," and party-like atmosphere.

As it turns out the, ahem, titular Kim Schifino got ahead of the news today by sending a group text out to her family members. The duo shared a screen grab of that on Instagram, which reads, "To Before they were known as the band Matt and Kim, Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino established their romantic relationship. But they didn't tell fans that they were dating until their fifth album Kim was caught stripping with her friends, watch to get a close look

Over the course of their career, Matt and Kim have received largely positive reviews from critics. Intheir song " Daylight " was featured in a Bacardi commercial and a Mars Bar commercial.

During the first episode of Communitythe song "Good Ol' Fashioned Nightmare" plays, and in the credits of the second episode the song "Daylight" plays.

Their song "Cameras" was used in an advertisement for Tune Up in which they were also featured. Their song "Don't Slow Down" was used in commercials for the MTV series Underemployed and was also used in the first episode of the third Gossip Girl season.

Matt and Kim (sometimes stylized MATT and KIM) are an American indie electronic duo from Brooklyn, New York. The group formed in and consists of Matt Johnson (vocals/keyboards) and Kim Schifino (drums). The duo is known for its upbeat dance music and energetic live shows which often incorporate samples from other artists. Although they started their career playing shows in lofts and other There are 8 million stories in the naked city, and two Brooklyn rockers brought theirs to the heart of it all - Times Square. Matt Johnson, 2, and Kim Schifino, 26 - the two-person ind Drummer Kim Schifino eagerly shared her personal ULTRA contest, exclaiming, "We have started a competition to see who can see the most motherfucking side boob today

In"It's Alright" from the album Lightning was used in the teaser of CS50 Fair which is a course offered by Harvard on-campus and online as well as for free on edX and is attended by millions from all over the world. In"It's Alright" was used in several Buick car commercials. During the holiday season a "sleigh bell" remix is used. In Januarytheir single "Get It" appeared in the series promo for the FXX show Man Seeking Woman.

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In Februarytheir song "Don't Slow Down" was used in a commercial for Acura, and in October a series of advertisements for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines featured the song "Get It". Since"Let's Run Away" has been used to advertise the Google Pixel smartphone. In Maytheir song "Can You Blame Me" was featured in the film Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul. In Februarytheir song "Can You Blame Me" was used on Facebook as background music to generated birthday videos summarizing related activity.

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Retrieved 26 February The Deli Magazine. Retrieved 27 February The Daily Californian. The second day of ULTRA Music Festival brought beautiful weather and contagious good vibes to Bayfront Park.

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There was something delicious in the crisp Miami air, and the impressive musical talent and erful attendees only strengthened the ambiance. The duo brought a vibrant energy to the stage with their logo balloon party, but it was their witty banter that had everyone laughing, grooving and singing along.

Since announcing the breakup of Pendulum inthe Aussie team have devoted their full time to this previous side project, giving acts like the Bloody Beetroots a run for their money.

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your password. They suck balls hard. Not everyone has the same likes in music. To each their own. Anywaymy first exposure to Matt and Kim was the video of those two doutards in bed. The only thing that could make that video entertaining besides different people, music and voices is if she wore a strap-on and pegged his bitch ass.

"Look how my boobs look up there. That is so not to size!" exclaims drummer Kim Schifino upon seeing her body up on the projection screen. Her partner, keyboardist Matt Johnson, is downright Matt & Kim are a dance punk duo residing in Brooklyn, New York City, New York. The group was formed in and is composed of Matt Johnson (vocals/keyboards) and Kim Schifino (drums/vocals). I have news for you, they aren't good. They have some popular songs being "Daylight", "Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare", "Cameras", and now Kim Schifino and Matt Johnson of Matt and Kim perform during the Hangout Music Festival at Hangout Beach on May 17, in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Drummer Kim Schifino and musician/vocalist Matt Johnson of Matt and Kim perform in concert at Stubb's Bar-B-Q on April 2, in Austin, Texas

You both have the physique of twelve year old boys. And WTF is up with the ending? You managed to be creepy AND rip off Final Destination. So yeah, I agree, Tom. Lame hipster image.

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