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Post 15 ? IP flag post. phil is times better than kai for this sport.

if you ever think kai will seriously beat phil you are wrong. no matter what he looks like the people behind the scenes know phil is much better for the sport. bottom line is if you fuck dudes and fruit you will not be the poster boy for anything. Post 16 ? IP flag post. Fucks fruit, is poster child for film trilogy.

Post 17 ? IP flag post. Post 18 ? IP flag post.

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Who cares? I watch bodybuilders for their bodies not their lives before they became top bodybuilders. Post 19 ? IP flag post. Agreed however no one ever says anything about them, its always about zyzz. you can hate zyzz all you want but he brings people to this site. Post 20 ? IP flag post. That's because nobody gives a fuck about the Harrison twins. They aren't even worth bringing up.

Are some kai greene asshole here against talent

Zyzz on the other hand is ever prevalent whether they like him or hate him. Post 21 ? IP flag post. Post 22 ? IP flag post. pandasashi Bro what is your deal with calling people "bits" son chill the hell out and wash your mouth out with soap!!!!!

Kai Greene and Phil Heath - Fights on stage

Your mad. Take a chill pill bro and who ever wrote this article about kai has WAY too much time on their hands and probably jealous of Kai's success.

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Quote: Originally Posted by Scotian phil is times better than kai for this sport. Post 2 ? IP flag post.

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I know most people on this site are aethists and prolly get pissed when i go all religious buttt i dont give two fucks and quoting the bible is great for times like this. Two bible quotes that come to mind 'judge not lest ye be judged' and 'let he who is without sin cast the first stone' 1 its funny how people keep saying kai fucks fruits as if we are all perfect and have never done something we wouldnt want people to know, we have all done shamefull things and have secrets and yet we are quick to judge just coz nodody knows our secret?

ideal answer

Getting a job is hard anywhere and not indicative of how lazy or hardworking you are i know tons of hardworking guys who cant seem to clench a goddamn job. Kai grew up without anyone and has become the second best bodybuilder in the world and yet pampered little brats on forums who have accomplishe absolutely jack can come out and condemn him?

Pfft kai is extremely motivational and would be a better role model for bodybuilding than phil, kai loves bodybuilding with all his heart. Phil's physique is still better than kai's for now and that why he isnt mr olympia yet, besides whats all this 'good ambassador for the sport' ish dyu really think phil heath or jay cutler or whoever else is marketable as mr olympia will really change how anyone sees bodybuilding?

Sorry, that kai greene asshole return theme

Nobody outside bodybuilding cares about bodybuilding, so lets stop seeking for approval like a bunch of sad insecure bits and be ourselves, give the title to whoever fcking deserves it. So in conclusion, stop judging kai.

As Jesus said 'remove the plank from your eye before you remove the speck from your neighbor's' none of us are blameless so stop judging someone for a mistake he made in the past.

Nobody judges sly, they all say he was broke and did what he had to do so why judge kai? akk answered that question. Post 24 ? IP flag post. I really do love both of them no homo. But its correct to say that Phil is a better poster boy for the sport as a whole, plus his physique is much more appealing to most than Kai's IMO. And as a personal preference i would rather live rich and be famous AND be the best in the world.

Then live like Kai does, i mean whats the point? Post 25 ? IP flag post. if you watch his dvd, he doesn't live in the flat anymore, he just keeps it! he lives in the area still in a big fuck off townhouse a few blocks from where the flat is!

Post 26 ? IP flag post. Yea, nothing against Kai Greene here.

share your

I don't know him personally or can be a judge of his character. I just thought this was an intense article and a huge jimmy rustler I'm sure lol. Post 27 ? IP flag post. Keystone Pro "Dirty Diana".

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. Kai Greene 2 OLYMPIA 2 KaiGreene mrolympi.

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. Kai Greene 17 GoB channel 17 . Kai Greene 28 OLYMPIA 28 Instagram. KaiGreene mrolympia IFBBFun mrolympia. Christiani Vesug.

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. Kai Greene 26 GoB channel 26 . . Vlad Stevens. Kai Greene 28 GoB channel 28 .

This is the offical home of Kia Greene. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO CLAIM 1 OF THE SIGNED THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS HOODIE Leslie Kai Greene (born July 12, ), better known as Kai Greene or Kai L. Greene, is an American retired professional bodybuilder, personal trainer, artist, and came in second place at the , , and editions of the IFBB's Mr. Olympia competition before seemingly retiring, and is often regarded as one of the best bodybuilders to have never won the competition - , . uwhworlds2020.comted Reading Time: 4 mins

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. Kai Greene 27 OLYMPIA 27 . Kai Greene Instagram. .

GoB channel 26 . -5.

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Kai Greene 2 OLYMPIA 2 . Practice posing between sets or anytime.

And feel your muscles working throughout your sets. Eventually, your mind and muscles will speak the same language and communicate back and forth.

Greene was sponsored by Flex.

He laund a supplement brand called Dynamik Muscle inand a training program called The 5P in May Greene portrayed a male stripper in the comedy film College Debts. In Novemberhe travelled to the Chinese province of Guizhou to start filming for the martial arts film Crazy Fist.

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He played a villain who fights the protagonist in an arena during the film's opening sequence. In Januaryit was announced that Greene had signed with The Gersh Agency. Greene is an avid artist who often creates self-portraits to help himself build and maintain his ideal physique.

The art show made me realize that I've always been an artist: my medium the human physique. My life is what I make it, just like the art I've produced on canvas and on stage.

Kai greene asshole

This art show makes this statement. I'm celebrating some personal accomplishments and my own artistic expression. In NovemberGreene and fitness model Krystal Lavenne began co-hosting a weekly podcast titled Generation Ironin which they discussed various topics while answering questions sent in by fans.

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In OctoberGreene began hosting his own podcast called Getting It Done. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the American bodybuilder. For the American soccer player, see Kai Greene soccer. Olympia - 4th Arnold Classic - 1st Australian Pro Grand Prix - 1st Mr.

Olympia - 7th New York Pro - 1st Mr. Olympia - rd Sheru Classic - rd Mr. Olympia - 2nd Sheru Classic - 2nd Mr. Olympia - 2nd Arnold Classic Europe - 2nd EVL's Prague Pro - 1st Mr. Olympia - 2nd Arnold Classic - 1st Arnold Classic Australia - 1st Arnold Classic Brazil - 1st.

v Greene.

Kai Greene confirmed dyslexic. level 2. 4 points years ago. wish i got them free too! level 2. 7 points years ago. This kind of comments is why I love this sub. level 2. points years ago. I've read this a bunch of times and don't get it Blechman had to "rescue" Kai and give him food, sponsors and the money he needed for success. Without Blechman, Kai would've NEVER been the successful pro he is today, but just another fully capable grown man Section 8 bum who refused to work. Kai bought steroids while getting tax payer subsidized housing and food stamps like a real loser (Kai Greene) , , . ,

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