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Print Send Add Share. Material Information Title: The Barbados advocate Uniform Title: Barbados advocate Bridgetown, Barbados : Portion of title: Sunday advocate Place of Publication: Bridgetown Barbados Bridgetown, Barbados Publisher: Advocate Co. Publication Date: Sunday, April 09, Frequency: Daily regular Language: English. Notes Dates or Sequential Designation: Apr. General Note: On Sunday published as: Sunday advocate.

Jessica Hintel. Hide Show Producer 9 credits. The Woman in the House TV Mini-Series executive producer - 1 episode filming - Episode 1. executive producer. Show all 52 episodes. Show all 6 episodes. TV Series executive producer - 12 episodes - Ragtime Show all 8 episodes. Back to the Woods TV Special executive producer. Hide Show Soundtrack 18 credits. performer: "For the First Time in Forever", "Love is an Open Door", "For the First Time in Forever Reprise ".

performer: "Love Is an Open Door". performer: "Blaze of Glory" - uncredited. performer: "Let It Go" - uncredited. Rude Tube TV Series lyrics - 1 episode, performer - 1 episode, - Kick-Ass Animals performer: "Bad Day" - uncredited. performer: "The Name Game" - uncredited.

performer: "Wannabe" - uncredited. performer: "I Touch Myself" - uncredited. performer: "One Way or Another" - uncredited. performer: "To Hear You Say My Name".

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sensuality picture idk6umusxuw0uhr buzs mgzcjctqa9 gzgneop6ghnqy xnwybygjvh8. naked lingerie trend main x0c. beautiful pregnant woman picture idk6umusxuw0uhktjg8ho7jmx8 a25wuiszpwj8eabevtydkfcwusk4ru. Bowen, Tony Hinds and St. Northern Progressive: G. Fitz- patrick, Capt. Yearwoou, R. Yearwood, G. Yearwood, Rev. Simmons, V. Balgobin, L. Spencer, V. Bowen, O. Colly- more, H.

Boyce, I. Norville, W. Cadogan, H. Husbands, R. Phillips, E. Green and N. He stated that the bicycle was removed from outside the residence of Denton Sayers at Pine Road on Thursday. NDER THE competent direc- torship of Mr. McCarthy, the Organist of St. Joseph Church, and Mr. Rock, who assisted. the St. Joseph Choir renderec J. This pathetic form of meditation was carried out in such a manner as can be indicative of the frue crucifixion of Christ.

The service lasted for about an hour, and was well attended, ORTY - FIVE. YEAR ,OLD Charles Skinner of Brittons Hill died suddenly at his residence on Thursday at abouv 1.

An autopsy was performed by Doctor A. Qtuart and death was attributed to natural causes. an QUESTION IF MOLOTOV SUCCEEDS STALIN London Express Service By. General Sir Giffard Martel, Head policy. Stalin, was Church and he education. As he strong grew attraction he Of British Military Mission to R. MOLOTOV is taking over a great deal of the work from Marshal Stalin to ease the strain and enable the Marshal to conserve his strength.

What can we deduce from this? Shall we see any major changes in Russian for towards teachings of Karl Marx. Eventually Allowed to visit Front On my first visit to Russia in he Stalin never him. When I went to Russia in as head of the britsn the position was que I saw Stalin and ais- cussed matters with him on many Mission, aurevent, occasions, He gave me full facilities to visit the front and see the Russian forces and discuss the Russian situation with troops and commanders was abhsarbed into the revolutionary movement in Russia, and became its leader.

emerged from the Kremlin and none of us saw the many different sectors. When had long I returned visit I found that I could not get much interchange of ideas with the Communist was Marshal Stalin who arranged for me to have discussions with the Russian General Staff and I meetings 1 from eaders, with about three times a week.

congratulate, remarkable idea

We discussed everything gether, and each other. Marshal developed Military but much from Mo This was the turning point of the war, and a little later the Russians laund their offensive operations which led to final victory. I formed the opinion that he would have liked to co-operate more closely with the Western world, and that he was pre- vented from doing so by pressure from his associates such as Molotov. It was at a Kremlin banquet which I had to attend.

I knew I would have to reply to a toast from the Russians to the British military forces, and I prepared my speech in Russian.

All rocked with laughter When my turn came I said that I had been informed before I came to Russia that I would have great difficulty in establish- ing liaison with the Communist leaders.

ScOoWw, Actually I well with them, and particularly had got on with their General Staff. I then between problerr: went on us we had to say solved each other. He then called me up and we had a of long friendly talk.

There can katrina nakf babes excellent phrase

course, of humour seemed to enjoy it. A Compared with the bluff man- ner of Marshal Stalin, colourless individual ways were much less attractive. In all the conversations I had with him I never got anything tangible out of him. at vhe Erdiston College. Each of five troops will be entering a four-man team, and we are look- ing forward to a very keen compe- tition in which the winner will meet the winning teams from the other Disvricts for the final.

Each team is required to provide signalling flags. two pairs of b Continuing his sduled round of visits to the Groups in the District, Mr. Charles Springer, D. Districe on Thursday last paid a visit to the 2nd Barbados Y. Wood Badge Scouters! Of course you may be; but you can only be sure of vais by taking Wood Badge Part I TheoreticalCub and Scout Wood Badga Part I Studies can be obtained fr. sm Scout Headquarters, Beckles Road. Call in for a copy this week.

j We are sorry to hear of vhe ill- ness of the Island Commissioner, Mr. Carter, M. We wish him a speedy return of health and vigour. earth the Spirit of Service to others.

Always friendly and smiling In our official conversations, it was always Molotov who knew the answers. All the intricate figures were at his fingertips. Wm, Fogarty, Ltd. A requiem service in memory of Miss Joan Neckles Knight, daughter of Mr. John Knight, M. Miss Knight, who was studying must in this country, died of pneumonia exactly one year ago, following an accident in which she was badly burned. The playing of the Empire team was fast and strong and the com- bination produced two goals in less than five minutes play.

Em- pire thus wins her second match in this cup in which she has four points to her credit. By using this technique the Communist leaders have now seized half Europe and most of China and Burma. It is unlikely Why should they do so? It is now generally realised that if we turned cold warfare, point Molotov was instantly ready 0nm to Russia we could free the to refresh his memory. Subjugated countries in Europe Although I could never detect Which are behind the Iron Curtain what went on behind his poker- face, was always friendly, courteous, and smiling.

He had no outstand- ing mannerisms, and his habits and conversation were also col- ourless, Stalin was never without his pipe, but Molotoy smoked only an] of fear, occasional very little. his work. Kept as a deadly Secret The inner workings of the Politburo are kept as a deadly secret.

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I do not myself any change, such of more power in the hands o Molotov, or even the eclipse ot! Marshal Stalin, would alter their policy.

apologise, but

I believe that they have made the necessary plans to deal with every eventuality of that nature. They have a fanatical deter- fmination to spread their Com- munist, autocracy over the! whole world. To achieve this result their plan is simple and sound, } By spreading Karl Marx Com- munism in the early days the Communist leaders succeeded ir overthrowing the Czarist regime and capturing the whole of Rus- sia in a year.

As they advanced after war this process continued. The Kar Marx Communists were sent further afield to con- tinue their softening processes cigarette and drank clever propaganda, in armour ing with we from a until SPECIALS Select yours COCKTAIL early!

SLICED BACON-Ib. PURINA DOG CHOW h. Phone But this might lead to war.

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I must say that Molotoy W are not prepared to face this at present. Hence we must build up thAİ necessary forces as a first step Useless to talk without Strength to keep us in a sts has succeeded, ate by very making I Russia, think that her forces are not only jiarge, but also very well equip ped, If the Western a comparatively killed army making full and mobility and worl a strong tactical air f would have nothing to fear} Russian attack It is useless to we have thi nations ral ed mall but highly strength L.

LTD: that they will arrest this process 1} talk to Russia] PA PAGE SEVEN a a oases na ers FOR LINOLEUM ; WOOD.

apologise, but

PLATED BIB AND STOP COCKS NECKED BOLTS ins. to 6 ins. AND BRONZE FINISH. BRASS RACKING COCKS : HP. t 6 ins. wide je. Printed Wincyette tlsnnelette 6 ins. No one was better than Romme at rousing the spirit of tired and apathetic troops. And for his new responsibility he needed all the energy he could muster.

That is one of the reasons, I think, whY our army and navy. kept their discipline. freely to all ranks. Aİ explained his idens to them and told them exactly what he wanted them to do. But even armed with this order Rom- mel could not get the concrete No Cover When the invasion came, many batteries had no over- head cover at all and were quickly blotted out from the air.

There were mined logs with a seaward slope. There were naval mines in shallow water with lines attad to the horns Ashore there were poles driven in on open fields and wired to- gether with mines on top to im- sunk floating pede glider landings. It was perhaps too late. Rommel apparently had no doubts. Once the Allies secured a bridgehead it would be impossible to drive them batk into the sea or to prevent them break- ing out.

He based his belief entirely on the factor of air superiority, Tne Luftwaffe would be shot out of the skies and the reinforce- ments, like the supplies for North Africa, would never appear. Road and rail traffic would be completely disrupted and move- ment in the back areas would become impossible If this reasoning were correct, then the main line of resistance must be thAİ beach It this strong belt of resistance were eventualiy broken, at least it would hold up the invaders for some time and their break-out would be local.

Alternative 2 The Army Command, undstedt the Commander-in- Chief West, his staff and the majority of the army, corps and divisional commanders, took the more orthodox view. His defences were not even a quarter complete. Nor could he have fought his last battles in the men who manned them. Dug-outs, convalescents from the Eastern Front, boys without battle experience, with a residue of renegade Poles, Rumanians, Yugoslavs and Russians, they were not likely to stand up to the sort of sea and air bombardment he had himself foretold.

Had that been done, he might have fought his last battles in the moving warfare of which he was a master. He is an energetic and determined commander ; he has made a world of differ- ence since he took over. The air did hold the ring.

Katrina nakf babes

The first 24 hours were deci- sive Once the Allies secured their bridgeheads, only by some gross mistake could they have been thrown back into the sea Would Rundstedt have had a better chance of defeating them in open warfare when they de- boud from it? ted the capture ngiy, Rommel 1 that it commar : Ma { era Feuchtinger le t with the boldness of Lost Chance SUNDAY IN THE town hall of Ulm, with RA? von Rundstedt delivers the funeral dom was displayed at the funeraof Rommel, who died by his own hand, at the o there?

shoot down? Very shortly after the bridge- head had been secured Rommel and Rundstedt found themselves for the first time in complete and open agreement. The Allied Air Forces paralysed all movement. Transport which had just been attacked was piled up along the road and Strong gre of enemy dive-bombers were at work.

That is why we tu 1 off along a sheltered road. We thought they had not seen us, and continued along the main road from Livarot to Vimoutiers. As a result, a number of well- known authors are rationing theit output. Sherriff disclosed VES! MY DE. MY COOKING ALWAYS OK. with a -FLORENCE- ADVOCATE wamel lying in state, Field-Marshal oration.

All the pageantry of Nazi- rder of Hitler. road, came up to within yards and the first one opened fire. The left- hand side of the car was hit by the first burst. The car struck the stump of a tree, skidded across the road, and turned over in a ditch. He lay on the ground unconscious and covered with blood, which flowed from the many wounds on his face, particu- arly from his left eye and mouth. The playwright wanted the British surtax on his earnings waived.

In return he would have endowed some archaeological work on a Roman site in Norfolk. The government turned thumbs iown and Sherriff stayed home. Other authors chimed in that they, too, would earn more dollars t the surtax were not so heavy. Said nor Nevil Shute: Holly- would useful the aliot About two-thiras of my in- ome comes in dollars.

But the plain answer is that we have to do it to satisfy ourselves that even after prolonged storage, REGENT will not form gum to stick valves and clog fuel systems. The tests which consist of boiling samples under Ib. per sq.

Remarkable, katrina nakf babes pity

This test is one of many wiich guarantee the quality and performance of REGENT petrol. JAMES A. Balanced Oiliness Long Life. A 0 Safety. Germ has Got it! The Oil that never leaves the bearings! The Pioneers of Additives CENTRAL FOUNDRY LIMITED. Sole Agents. Ul always be True If all beaux were as true as Ford Spare parts, their sweethearts would have no worries, on genuine Ford parts when your Ford needs a spare, you'll have nothiag to worry about, either.

Ford And if you insist Spare parts cur. off the same line as the ofiginals, from the 4, using the same high quality materials. They say, wear deeper blue reds under electric light, and soft pink colours under blue- white neon lighting.

Lip line should extend to corners of the mouth. Lower lip line should be brought up to a point slightly inside corners of upper lip, DON'TS. of upper lip. ore cotton prints Men's shirts were in Sahara this Raking a fire me ps9 mage flamorous turned out to be a muddy beige D O you know that. Down to earth cream distemper then flies up the chimney : It has a slim, straight skirt and is called Sable, instead of into the room.

Danube, which I would have You should apply ne pen experience of buying A brief bolero transforms this for thought had to be a shade of With a piece of old. on one side turns it into a 4 true, clear pink is called with an old piece of silk. A Soliahod February. Bewilderin the new colours of the year surface can be removed. by I have seen evening dresses in g were Pillar Box Onion rubbing cigar or cigarette ash cambric, which looks like silk D9 we need to have these be Skin Yellow, Carrot A Nut- into the mark, or way.

Sophisticated dark cottons wildering names for colours? meg Brown, and Lettuce Green. ELSIE WIDDOWSON. and scientists report. It imme- g thin piping sound. ble of hours iater? diately begins to weaken when hy?

e nozzle of a hose, a reader asks. se University. ey have tound that your blood Bmatical'y weakens when you Hown. Its power to supply the with oxygen and nourish- falls rapidly.

After that it mes super-rich, probably ting your ability to fight ill- But as soon as you get up, rength falls sharply, reaching Owest level when you have out of bed two hours or so. er tests on hospital patients, Pen Pals ODFREY CORRY, 91 Garnett pet Newton Kitty British a.

Is interested in stamp ting, wants Pen Pals be- m the ages of 1 and 14, EST LIMERICK, 92 Laluni A Queenstown, Georgetown, Guiana, wants Pen Pals be- m the ages of 15 and 17, KILLS TICKS SAKA, Northern Rhodesia new machine which sprays a of insecticide and kills ticks attle will soon be put to use orthern Rhodesia.

When the wreckage was dug out of the earth rescuers found that during the dreadful fall the men had managed to get seven nuts off. With a spanner apiece they might just have made it. reyes have shown that a mival called gluta- mic acid often improves intelli- gence in mentally retarded chil- dren, and may boost thinking pow- ers in normal folk.

Now scientists report that the acid occurs natur- ally in certain foodstuffs. Rist sources? Mushrooms and peas Their Problem Se eee to U. diet expert DR. The young dragon must be up there. and gazes envy!

in others treatments. ert and the Dragon TS NEVER JUST LuUCK! that lovely head of hair you admire and is never SHAMPOO 7 Ne up into the Drans enough, he cats a glimpse of the and sure truant, He calls in a coaxing way, but tie little creature will not come downy so Rupere climbs carefully upwards. The dragon has stopped breathing fire, b t near his a et ae just luck, : but the reflection of constant care and attention.

A good SHAMPOO is the beginning of all hair. begin to-day with The value of the Collec- tion? But some of the stamps are valueless. Another rare item will be an envelope bearing the original one- penny and penny stamps of Victoria, used on the first day of issue, January 10, The King owns blocks of this issue. The rest of the stamps dis- appeared somewhere between the printer and the colony. Distributers ; THE GENERAL AGE but on yoar skin, that matters, Evening in Paris powder is naturally-toned to give the complexion that soft golden ylow of youthful skin flactering, alluring.

O, Bex 27, Bridgetown, BARBADOS. New mor:. wake: feeling foll of onevey. I - setered Bi eumatic pains fon swellings. ro away ankles. Iam now comple o of swe. I take FIND OUT THE SECRETS FROM MISS BERTHA LAMAS of the Dory Grow en ly and cannot speak too h of it.

you yo besatse ft use it tones. o ble from all Qhemists and Stores. about looking prtter! CLEARS STUFFY NOSE! SOOTHES SORE THROAT! EASES ACHY ST! CALMS RASPY COUGH! Feels so good J insi ad outside, hour This double action works both on as, usually, the hour lh the night. the throat, easing the bothersome cough. After tests on 1, ae ; 2 Massage its rich, olive-oil lather inio your skin for one full minute, Rinse. THE EDITOR: What kind of hwmun stories do you think we ought to tell? THE OTHERS: Something very nei, sir, some- thing very new.

THE EDITOR: That is where you're very wrong, you're very wrong indeed. Something new is never what the British public need. The oldest story in the world is all they want to read ALL: Sex For Circulation. THE OTHERS We'll do it, never fear, sir; we'll UNCLE OOMS taking a run was that lsea factory was de- do it never fear ath Good luck, lad.

prived of its chief raw materi OLS OLSSEN groaning : and was forced to cease produc- THE EDITOR Goo Cousin Bol tion When telling women how to put BO! fol conversation took expected to attend this That should sel! a lot it] place o the olde tide British Industries Fair bAİing he! should sell a lot cotta bedroome windowAİe in London and Birmingham frAĞ THE ED! long and ; 27ft. wide eMart and 10 s. What ha 1e These atAİ included in the Jokes that hould ney be done?

Am 1 going mad? tons of engineering exhibit be heard in the home London Express Service Alka- seltzer brings pleasant relief When over-indulgence in food and drink causes heada or stomac! discomfort Alka-Seltzer brings you tablets Watch it fizz and a Sparkling, pleasant First Aid in a glass dissolve int tasting solution. The figures are date and were made during a period when some exceedingly fine work was being produced. The male musician, with a dog at his side, plays the bagpipes, and the femule figure, with a lamb; plays the mandoline.

Both figures are seated with boc- age backgrounds of delicate col- ouring. The lsea procelain factory was founded in or aboutand it employed very fine artists.

will know, thank

Hrdlicka says that the human nose gets longer and broader, fhe ears get larger, and the mouth wider as a person grows older. AY by day your mouth chaser until Josiah Wedge- granny, grows and grows wood, the owner of the famous and grows.

personal messages not

factory of that name, was interest- ed in the purchase of some of the motilds, models, etc. Eventually the lsea factory to- gether with its models, moulds and unfinished ware was pur- chased by Mr. Duesbury of Derby, who also owned the Derby Porce- lain Works.

Duesbury carried on Day by day your ears expand and bigger grows your nose. This is the equivalent was produced. In the works ih Sweden of wishing a man good were discontinued, and whatever was of use was transferred to Derby. The cause of the sudden end of which luck News Item. PMNVMUE scene is a Swedish railway station.

Ols Olssen is going the lsea factory, pro- to America and his family, wear- duced excellent ware and was ing hobnailed boots, have come to highly patronised, was shortage of see him off raw material. English merchant OLS OLSSEN nervously : vessels engaged in the tea trade Good-bye, dad. with China were in the habit of OLD OLS lashing out with carrying clay as ballast on the re- both feet : Good luck, lad turn journey. Eventually the OLS OLSSEN backing to- Chinese became suspicious, so wards the train Good-bye, great was the demand for AĞ as Uncle Ooms ballast, and prohibited the use of clay for this purpose.

Et Canada and America, Italy and France PRATRIAL. rope, Hy George Malcolm Thomson another, situated in Cornwal: By Richard Aldington. Heine- Italy, Fort Myers in Florida, o1 EMILY, a highly-strung wo- : mann 15s.

the Andes, according to'the enthu- man, married to William, a land- iasm of the moment. owner suffering from neuralgia, D. LAWRENCE was at The nearest that Rananim commits adultery with Hayton,; English Dissenting working man, came. Hesproduce a son whom he could DOES GROW HAIR ried with him through life. i brilliant eye.

He could make his heir ; convey that there was more in a As things turn out, there Use Pure Silvikrin in severe cases of dandruff and f He hated womet who painted A§ scer or a situation than the nothing for William to do but ss han ative, a y their faces nated xual ost brilliant eye could perceive. go on having neuralgia and for thinning hair. He looked English, ceracy, the belief that human Highgate pe ae ; felt English, and, like all th ergs wanted peace and love It only snows that, if you English, wanted to remake th And what was to replace these something enough, you will world.

to a new pattern ef h ead ideals? surely achieve it. Nobody, in all}} own devising. fiction, worked so hard as Emily }} : The answer was confused, to get herself certified How 1 pical, that he, often self-contradictory. In mak D Grunbaum does not kee} our r 2 Bertrand Russell, wa ntent in j; Lawrence ran into a Emily very long.

Pity, it way!

something is. Many

The morality. It hurt. ing the attacks. The very first day the j strangling mucus is dissolved, thus giving free, exsy breathing and rest- ful sleep.

seductive long hair brunette picture idk6umusxuw0uh9an7un7uxzsay7lwkertnvmnehwtlfvazadjnxv8m. sensuality picture Kristen Anne Bell (born ) is an American actress and singer. She was born and raised in Huntington Woods, Michigan, and is the daughter of Lorelei (Frygier), a nurse, and Tom Bell, a television news director. Her ancestry is Polish (mother) and German, English, Irish, and Scottish (father) the picture, Katrina Paxinou, who} will be remembered in aˆ?For Whom instructions not only to kill the duke, but to obtain all information possible concerning the territory NERVE TONIC FOOD Stays perfect longer aˆ" restores health, youth and vitality sae aac tae ne acces so that, at the propitious moment,| The Bell Tollsaˆ plays the part| A? word aˆ?Sanatogenaˆ is a

No dopes, no smokes no injections. viduals all hungry for wood! Their destructive capacity is enormous. Remove the worry by always having a bottle of Ephazonc tablets by your bedside One Ephazone tablet slipped into the rwuth brings almost imme Giate relief from an attack of Asthao O hing Ephbaz 0S JOP.

A? way to obtain speedy relief! Combines wich the ae builds up resistance to fibres, toughens the timber and makes future Asthma attacks. It is als f's fire-resiscant of great benefit in cases of Bron ' Mies biblatetewe Co. The guarantee protects you. polish over treated wood. No odour. a nagistrate ordered his novel ThAĞ The Marines Were There. Since then he has One Omen, M. Woodhouse ent his time in writing, chief Hutchinson 9s.

of Prance tories, half-fiction, busi THE MAN FROM THE TUNNEL picture of the Greel HAMBROOK, Somerset By Theodora Benson.

apologise, but, opinion

spre ee! os ath Do ee: 10s. Fae goons Alm ' Ree ge NINETEEN stories. Thaf is the trouble wit ees ee, ota ae, Oe ies eet lar pint t arc this book. Whdt an expe Eyre Spottiswoode. What a command pag In tern of fierce btechnigue! counts et BAY STREET. who, one feels, is a nice ture story. even when drunk, and mad! London Express Service Tomaxe our Shellubrication joba ier, more efficient and more satisad to your customer, Shell has dew an aiknew, multi-purpose grease 10?



s PLAN WORKED, MARSHAL RIGHT! P YOU } -tHts. tellirg us the work in which you are Fag. Journallem, intetested. We shall be glad to give Plesties.

very short time and at very 1 LLM reat requirements smal! Direct Mail to DEPT. pi d AĞ a ASK HIM! MAKE YOUR HOME MODERN FROM EVERY ANGLE!! Everdene, CMV. Weils, from St. ae Sch. Bive Nose Mac, Sch. ete a C. Gorrion, Sch. Burma D.

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