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Coming in a close second is a gas station toilet on a road trip. Public restrooms at busy big-box stores also tend to be scary places. This is where female urinary devices, also known as FUDs, or female pee device, can really save the day. These items are a well-kept secret of female campers because they let you go 1 without having to drop your pants completely. Without these devices that let you pee standing up, women have to wander very far away from camp to get the privacy they need. With an FUD.

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Comfort and Ease: Women start using a pee funnel because it is convenient. Instead of stripping off layers of clothing or removing climbing gear, they can merely stand near a tree with their pee funnel and urinate standing up.

"We are SO close to one another! I can see EVERYTHING!"ck out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! AlongLicens Anyone who doesn't have access to a clean restroom will appreciate the freedom they can get from a female urine funnel (somtimes referred to as womens pee cup). Bicyclists, boaters, campers, fishers, members of the military, hikers, horseback riders, hunters, music festival goers, marathon runners, and members of the military all use FUDs Many women have turned to a lesser known option - the female urination device, also known as a pee funnel. Though they are available in a myriad of shapes and sizes, these devices share a standard feature - they all allow women to pee while standing up. Most FUDs are reusable and made of flexible silicone or hard plastic

It also provides some modesty when hiking or climbing in mixed company. Weight: Pee funnels come in all shapes, sizes, and weights.

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Some are rigid plastic and hold their shape which allows you to position them under your clothing. They won't collapse in midstream which reduces your chance of peeing all over yourself. Because they cannot be folded, they will take up a fair amount of space in your pack.

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Other FUDs are made with a flexible silicone that can fold up into a small container. This flexibility is great for storage, but they can easily collapse and lose their seal if you squeeze them too much. Comparison shop to find the best model for your backpacking needs. Cleanliness: Cleanliness in the backcountry is challenging, but oh so necessary.

You need to keep yourself and your FUD clean and dry so you don't smell like old urine or, even worse, develop a nasty infection.

Most pee funnels are made from materials that shed urine, but you still should run water through the FUD to remove any remaining pee. Dry it before putting it away inside your pack or air dry it by storing it in a breathable bag on the outside of your backpack.

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Squatting comes naturally, but standing while peeing takes some practice. Use the FUD in the shower and on short hikes or climbs, so you know how to get the best fit to prevent a leakage. Don't wait until you are 20 miles into the woods to find out you can't use the FUD without peeing all over yourself.

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If one type of pee funnel doesn't work, try a different style of FUD. And remember to pee downwind, so you don't get splattered. Leave No Trace: It goes without saying. Whether you squat or stand up, you should follow leave no trace principles by peeing at least feet from a water source, trail or campsite.

This keeps a safe distance between your waste and others who are walking the same path.

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The Freshette is a hard plastic funnel with a retractable tube that makes it more compact than the one-piece pee funnels. It has a broader funnel portion which provides ample room for peeing without overflowing the device, but this size can make it bulky to pack even with the retractable tube.

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See on amazon. The SheWee is a rigid funnel made of hard plastic that repels urine. It is narrow, making it lightweight and easy to pack.

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Your aim has to be good because the funnel is on the smaller size. Flow control also is essential, release too much too soon and you may be soaking in your own pee.

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Unlike the Freshettte which uses a large funnel to direct your pee, the Pibella has a very narrow opening that is designed to cover only the urethral area. The same narrow design that makes it highly portable, also makes it challenging to use. You need to practice a lot to find the find correct position to catch the flow.

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Similar to the Freshette and Go-Girl, the LadyP is made from flexible silicone and has a sizeable cup that gives you room for error. The FUD also has a handy loop that you can use to hold the device securely while using it.

Designed and marketed for women pilots, the Lady J has a large cup with a small spout that connects to the Little John portable urinal, also made by 1st Defense. The small size allows you to pee with a minimal amount of exposure, but the spout is too short to use alone. You really need the urinal there to catch the pee before it falls on your pants.

The Whiz is an offshoot of the Whiz CleanCatch, a urination device used in the medical field to catch midstream urine samples.

The consumer FUD is made from a firm silicone that repels urine and includes antibacterial and antifungal agents. The Whiz funnel is on the smaller size and needs to be placed correctly. Similar to other smaller FUDs, you need to slow your flow. On the plus side, the small funnel folds nicely and includes a pouch so you can store it discreetly in a side pocket. The Pstyle bucks the trend by ditching the funnel and using a half-pipe shaped FUD to collect and direct pee.

The hard plastic allows you to make a firm seal so you don't leak and the form factorlends itself to wiping off those last remaining drips. The only drawback?

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It's a bit on the bulky side. Go-Girl is probably the best known FUD and can be found in the camping section in Walmart stores around the country. The silicone funnel is flexible, so you can shape the device to provide a relatively large urinal. Because it is wide, you may need to pull your pants down further than is comfortable, especially in mixed company.

Browse women peeing stock photos and images available or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. Explore {{}} by colour family {{familyColorButtonText(}} woman being caught short for toilet - women peeing stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. this alone time is essential for the body - women peeing stock "I still don't understand why guys say they don't use toilet paper."ck out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! Women may feel like they need to pee from the pressure of the urethral sponge on the urethra, or from pressure on the bladder from penetration. For most women, peeing during sex is unlikely. You may feel more comfortable if you pee before sex. You could also put down a

Because it flexes so easily, you need to be careful not to lose your seal when you adjust your grip. It folds easily back into a compact tube that can be used to store it discreetly in your pack. It has a wide funnel that can be compressed into a storage pouch and is both hydrophobic and antibacterial.

The Pee Pocket is a collapsible funnel that is made from leakproof cardboard. It folds flat making it easy to toss in your pocket before nature calls.

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Similar to the Pee Pocket, the SaniGirl is a collapsible pee funnel made of water-resistant cardboard. It unfolds into a triangular shaped funnel and comes in two sizes - a larger one for women and a smaller size for young girls. By Kelly Hodgkins: Kelly is a full-time backpacking guru. She can be found on New Hampshire and Maine trails, leading group backpacking trips, trail running or alpine skiing.

About Greenbelly: After thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, Chris Cage created Greenbelly to provide fast, filling and balanced meals to backpackers.

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