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Elasti-Girl was basically the only member of the Doom Patrol who didn't mistreat Beast Boy, and I appreciate her for that. She treated him like a son and intervened whenever Mento was being too harsh on him. She was also a very strong fighter, although I wish we'd gotten to see more of her in action.

Pantha was an ace in the hole of representation, hailing from Mexico as an honorary Teen Titan.

However, she didn't appear often enough to make a big impression, even with all that superhuman strength. Kole had me at the pink hair. Appearing for the first time in the same episode that shared her name, she is brave, sweet, loyal, and completely worthy of being an Honorary Titan.

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Plus, she can turn herself into a crystal and can take a hit from Starfire without flinching. What's not to love?

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Look at her outfit. OK, fine, you need more reasons for why Argent is in the top 10? How about the fact that the Teen Titans recognized her for her exploits even though we had never seen the New Zealand-born superheroine in the series prior to that, and is calm, cool, and collected in nine out of every 10 social situations?

I would trust my life in Argent's hands, that's all I'm saying. Sarasim is technically from the past, and not a part of the main series proper, but she was a skilled leader and swordsman who both saved Cyborg and fought alongside him.

Their relationship came to a tragic end when he was pulled back to his regular time period and had to read about the end of her exploits in a history book, but the fact that Sarasim was a boss even 5, years ago makes me love her.

Madame Rouge is the kind of villainess that Jinx wanted to grow up to be when she was still with H. She's a strong fighter and shapeshifter with a deadpan response ready for every social situation. Seriously, if you see Madame Rouge coming, then I just hope you have your affairs in order because it's unlikely you'll make it out of that interaction alive.

It's no wonder all the Titans are afraid of her.

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Blackfire was so cool that there were times I actually liked her better than Starfire. I know, I know, don't hurt me. In every single episode that Blackfire appears in, she is working some angle that is to Starfire's detriment, whether it's trying to take over Starfire's life and get her arrested for a crime that Blackfire committed, or trying to marry Starfire off to an evil alien race.

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Blackfire looks out for herself first, and the rest of the world second, but she's so unapologetic about that fact - and so darn charming - that I can't even hate her for it. Every episode she appears in is guaranteed to be exciting.

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Bumblebee was one of my favorite Titans because it was nice to see a superhero that looked like me on my favorite TV show, but she's even greater than that. She worked as a double agent in the H. Academy so successfully that not even Brother Blood saw it coming until it was too late.

The warriors charge each other, and. Robin gives the audience a recap of all the girl action he got last episode, but Raven and Starfire set him straight; the girl action they're actually facing is a lot more dangerous-specifically, Blackfire taking over the world But while the gals are off saving the world, Beast BoyCyborg and Robin are hanging back at the Titans Towereager for some more pranks.

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They try the hand-in-warm-water trick on "Raven," but she doesn't start peeing. After ripping off a fake arm, Robin realizes they've been deceived!

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The girls have snuck out, and now the guys are gonna tell on them to mom and dad. So apparently, they have parents? With her new battle armor, Blackfire easily overpowers her assailants, trapping them in metal braces.

However, Starfire breaks free from said brace and flies toward the villain, imploring her for sisterly love.

Teen Titans Go! - The Origin Of Mega Legasus! - @DC Kids

Vexed by Star's constant affection, Blackfire shares her true feelings in a game of "Truth or Death"; she wishes she didn't HAVE a sister. With a heart literally shattered, Starfire is blasted back down to Earth-and although the other girls are there to save her, the damage has already been dreadfully dealt. This is no time for sorrow, though Blackfire has gone ahead with the invasion, opening a huge light beam portal in the middle of Jump City.

An alien gunship emerges, and the girls realize they must stop this before it begins. After ering up Starfire, they charge the spacecraft; it's gonna be a great girl power moment. But suddenly, the boys fly in with the T-Plane -busted! But this isn't exactly the right time Blackfire puts all the heroes and vil lai ns filling in as heroes behind laser bars.

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Starfire's feeling down again, but the other gals re-inspire her by calling Blackfire a "florfka" Tamaranian for "jerk". Thanks to Bumblebee's shrinking powers, the girls escape the laser prison, and Star instantly engages Blackfire. The fighting is brutal-alien strength mixed with intense energy bolts. The metaphorical high ground flips back and forth until, Starfire, with the help of her true sisters, shoots Blackfire back into the portal, destroying it!

Sparkles rain down from the sky, creating a sort of disco-party vibe. So Jinx thinks it's time for Girls Night Out Five!

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Robin says that he's gonna tell on them to "Mom. Beast Boy scolds Robin for spraying sensitive Cyborg. FaceTime with Ravager.

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