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The guy loves it, though. For some reason, they all wanted to remain anonymous. Weird, right? Well, I shopped around a little bit before buying a sex doll. I had various other masturbation toys including models of Fleshlight and a TPE [thermoplastic elastomer] buttocks with ass and pussy holes I bought on Amazon.

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For every woman who has ever felt exrated by the various speculations regarding the existence or non-existence of innate differences between the sexes with respect to mathematical ability, what better rebuttal could there be than a list like this one? The very fact that these fifty women have achieved what they have shows the superficiality of the whole debate. It ought to be clear by now that the mature expression of sophisticated human capacities depends upon a complex interaction between biological endowment and cultural and educational opportunity that is, nature and nurture. And if someone were to object that these fifty women are not typical - well, the men who could be accounted the peers of these women would constitute a tiny minority of their sex, as well! Very high achievement, by its very nature, is something out of the ordinary. Even readers who may have no interest at all in the nature-nurture problem and its echo in our present culture wars ought to take notice of this list. Why is that?

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