Registration timeline

Visit our online registration portal to register teams and players by clicking here.

1 November 2019: Preliminary declaration of participation form (and estimated player numbers)

1 February 2020: The official team tournament registration is to be paid online via above link

CMAS registration: Federations must also register teams directly on the CMAS online administration system (€130), using their login names and passwords Additionally, all athletes must have a valid CMAS licence (€10 per player).

31 March 2020: Swimsuit and playing cap approvals to be submitted to (more details here)

15 May 2020: Team lists, photos and anti-doping forms, country flags and national anthem: each country must bring 2 flags. The national anthem audio file must be uploaded online and shared with the organisers (we recommend using Dropbox, OneDrive or WeTransfer)

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